Mitsubishi Pajero Triton Delica 4D56T Complete Assembled Cylinder Head kit 2.5TD – recessed valves



BRAND NEW Complete and Assembled Cylinder Head Kit to suit Mitsubishi Pajero, Triton and Delica with 2.5L 4cyl turbo diesel engines, engine code: 4D56T

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 types of cylinder heads for the 4D56T engine. This listing is for cylinder heads with recessed valves just below the face of the head with 34mm exhaust valves. We have another listing for cylinder heads with protruding valves please click here

This Professional Cylinder Head Kit Includes:

  • Brand New Completely Assembled Headmaster Cylinder Head
  • Premium Quality Australian made Permaseal VRS Head Gasket Set
  • Cylinder Head Bolt Kit

Warranty: 12 Months

Hassle Free , Complete Cylinder Head. This kit Comes with everything you need for cylinder head replacement. No exchange required, outright buy!

UPON CHECKOUT: Please advise of Year, Make and Model of your vehicle


We can provide you with any engine part please Contact Us

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:  All our Cylinder heads are 100% quality inspected and valve to seat compression is also tested before heads are sent out. The Cylinder head face is checked and refaced if necessary.


Delica   P05W(Imp)  1986-1996
Delica  P15W(Imp)    1986-1994
Delica P25W(Imp)    1989-1999
Delica P35W(Imp)    1989-1999
Pajero L044(Imp)     1986-1990
Pajero L144(Imp)      1988-1990
Pajero ND                   1986-1987
Pajero NE                   1987-1988
Pajero  NF                  1988-1989
Pajero  NG                  1989-1990
Pajero NH                  1990-1993
PajerV24W(Imp)      1991-1999
Triton MG                  1989-1990
Triton MH                  1990-1991
Triton  MJ                  1991-1996


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